“Committed to the preservation and education of the Japanese culture and arts.”

Kauai Japanese Cultural Society

The Kauai Japanese Cultural Society was founded in 1985 after the Kanyaku Imin Bi-Centennial celebration. Rev. Koichi Miyoshi along with other key members decided to form the Society to perpetuate the Japanese culture. The Society seek to promote and perpetuate the appreciation and understanding of Japanese culture, its arts, and values, and to foster goodwill and friendship between Japan and the United States of America.

Membership in the organization shall be open to, all persons, of any ethnic background, who are interested in Japanese arts, dance, karaoke, calligraphy, charcoal art, ikebana, taiko, tea ceremony, Japanese language, educational and cultural exchanges, and other cultural activities.


Kodomo no Hi (Children’s Day) is celebrated close to Hina Matsuri (Girl’s Day Celebration) around March 3 at the Kukui Grove Shopping Center Center Stage. A mini show is held to have our young people of each school participate and anyone who is interested in showing their talents. Some years we are fortunate to have a store space offered to display a Hinamatsuri Doll Set and a Boy’s Day set along with other displays i.e. ikebana, sumie, etc.

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Upcoming Events

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Matsuri Kauai

The Matsuri Kauai Kokoro banquet at Kauai Marriott is $60 per person.

Entertainment by Torao Hikariyama.   KFor Saturday, October 19, at Kauai Marriot Ballroom.  Registration at 5:30.  “An evening with sister cities Iwaki City and Suo-Oshima”.

Kansha Award honoring Mr. Shungaku Yanai, President, National Assoc. of Chairpersons of Prefectural Assemblies and Chairman, Yamaguchi Prefectural Assembly.

Pupus – garlic Kauai Shrimp and coconut glazed sweet potatoes.
Dinner buffet:  Kauai greens with sesame ginger dressing, fried tofu & kim chee salad, potato Mac salad, kalbi steak, gouchujung vegetables, Asian chimichurri chicken, sofrito potatoes, vegan chow mein, rice.  Leche carmel custard, chocolate berry cake, mochi donuts with coco glaze and lilikoi sauce.  No host cocktails.

Ticket cost:  $60/person.
Tickets are available now, so reserve your tickets by email reply or contacting board members below.  Group seating will be available (table for 10, but may have two seats designated for Japan guests from Iwaki or Suo-Oshima).

Hiroko Kunioka 335-3219, Kiyoko Coan  822-0373, Pearl 822-5353, Sandi Kato-Klutke 651-9106, or Dulcie 651-2298 to reserve Matsuri Kauai Kokoro banquet tickets. Tickets will also be available at the next KJCS Board meeting on October 3rd.